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Hi everyone, I have talked to Mac Armstrong and he is very happy to have a series of articles written about himself and his pigeons. So that should be worth waiting for.

Also, sometime before Christmas I plan to start a series of articles on pigeon disease management with minimal medication. The bottom line I guess is, ‘are we attempting to manage our birds so that they live in harmony with natures biological threats on a microbiological level’ or are we going to stay on the worldwide band wagon of ‘breeding super bugs’. Super bugs that are becoming increasingly resistant to antimicrobial agents. I personally would rather breed more super birds which are more tolerant of biological attack by microrganisms and have been allowed to develop a solid immunity that can stand the test of time. There is way too much dosing of pigeons here and abroad and the answers lie ‘not in the medicine bottle’.

If you have any questions for Mac or comments for the pigeon disease management series please contact me through the comment option or email me at If you haven’t emailed me before please don’t send attachments, thanks.

To those of you who have subscribed by email sorry, if you got 2 notifications of this post but the system wouldn’t take it the first time so I’ve removed the google images of funny bacteria e.t.c. I guess they’re copyrighted)).

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