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I thought I may as well give you some background on my Bergerac winner for the blog.
This Blue White Flight cock is a yearling now named SUPER BLUE and he flew in three inland and two shorter Channel races prior to going to Bergerac 440 miles. As with all my pigeons he is flown on my simplified version of the total widowhood system i.e. the hens and cocks are separated all week but trap into the cocks compartment which houses the nest boxes on race day, the pairs spending some time together, the length of time depending on how hard the race has been. Two days prior to basketing, SUPER BLUE’s  hen laid an egg on the floor in the hens section so I lifted her and the egg, placed them in their nest box and she immediately sat it and laid the second egg in the afternoon he was marked  so he was well aware of this change in events so must have been that bit extra keen to get home. This motivation must have stayed with him in spite of 6 days in the basket being held over for 2 days due to bad weather. He is a SUPERCRACK, a strain of pigeons named after their famous ancestor rather than the fancier Gruson who raced him. The original SUPERCRACK was the winner of 3 National races and went on to breed National winners. In one race he was first and his direct son 2nd. The origins of Supercrack are a bit murky, he was one of a dozen youngsters obtained by Gruson from a fancier named Hovaere one of my Belgium contacts believes he was of Bricoux/Commines blood.
SUPERCRACK and all related pigeons were purchased by Robert Venus in 1974 who developed the line into the renowned family that has done well wherever they have been raced. However they are not easy to acquire and tend to be rather expensive whenever any come on the market. I managed to get the sire of my  cock from a clearance  sale and the dam from Axleholme Lofts who have a few pairs in their stud. I have since purchased another cock from Axleholme and I have found a young hen from another source  to strengthen the line in my loft also.

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