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Hi guys, I’m Fergus Elley a pigeon fancier or flier who resides in the Auckland Racing Pigeon Federation boundary.

My plan is 5 fold the next year or two.

1. Share my daily/weekly pigeon routine and racing happenings/thoughts with all and sundry i.e. the world!

2. Plan to write many reports of mainly Auckland, NZ fliers in the next year but also New Zealanders flying pigeons overseas e.g. Brian Batchelor in England, an old friend.

3. Write about other racing pigeon topics, so watch this space and I’d advise subscribe to this ferguspigeonman blog. Since I’m a 1984 graduated Veterinarian I have a wealth of knowledge from the racing pigeon enthusiasts angle with a very practical pigeon medicinal twist. I wish to dispel a heap of pigeon myths including in the health area and save you the fancier a lot of time and money in building up a winning strain(s) of tough, disease resistant on the whole racing pigeons.

4. Encourage New Zealand fliers to write articles and supply photos including archive material e.g. on the ChristChurch to West Auckland race ‘The Henderson Classic’.

5. Provide links to other sites and ‘on to it’ articles on the internet.

Posted June 22, 2011 by ferguselley

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  1. well done jim emerton elimar pigeons.

  2. lets here about marathons jim.

  3. Hi there, I’m looking to start a flock of white homing/racing pigeons. Do you know of anyone that may have some for sale?

  4. Hi there,
    I’m a film student wanting to make a little doco about pigeon racing.
    I would love to chat to you and ask you some questions.

    If you could reply by email, that would be fantastic.
    I’m really interested in finding out more.


  5. My name is Jim Emerton-google me in relation to pigeons-I will answer your QS as a writer/poet/Mensan-thanks.

  6. Thanks

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