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Weekends race from Ward to the Auckland Racing Pigeon Federation (ARPF) Lofts.   3 comments

A daughter of 577 (Inbred son of Houbie and gun ace cock) was first of my 5 pool birds and the lightest of the 5. Others said their lighter bodied birds in general were their earlier ones, perhaps not only the headwinds but the warm day also contributed to this observation by many.

Last weekend on Saturday the 29th October 2011 the ARPF birds plus 3 boxes from the Manaia Club were liberated from Ward, South Island, New Zealand. The liberation report is on site and was at 7.30am. Studies of wind and rain radar observations from the NZ metservice online site showed little wind to start with which gradually built as the birds flew up the coast of the South Island and was blowing a good northerly in the Marlborough Sounds, over the Cook Strait and at Wellington.

Further up the North Island conditions were warm with light winds and getting quite warm as the day progressed. From around Whanganui and to the north the mainly north-east winds gradually built up to be moderate in parts of the Waikato and into Auckland. Moderate to heavy showers were likely in many places in the King Country and the Waikato. The Taumaranui birds went up 15 minutes later i.e. 7.45am and some arrived home to their lofts in Taumaranui around 1.30pm and had been through showers.

Not first to the loft this time but a much smaller full sister was, but 'No toe' won pools and the teams with the daughter of 577 above.

Reports of very heavy rain were heard from Pirongia and Hamilton and Pio Pio. I believe one of our winners may’ve had a secret toss from Pio Pio that afternoon and the liberator there said those toss birds headed to the north west away from the dark grey skies)). Rain radar at 2 and 3pm showed about a 25km band (north to south) of moderate or heavier showers/rain from most of Kawhia Harbour/Raglan all the way through to the Coromandels. Anything that tried to go through that would have been severely hammered/drenched. I expect the small bunches of gutsy pigeons that had worked hard all the way most likely headed to the fine western side of Kawhia Harbour to get around the dark grey clouds and make a bee line to their respective lofts with the attrition rate of birds falling behind the leaders increasing bit by bit as fatigue and dehydration set in. Those mud flats at Kawhia and Raglan would have been severely tempting for some birds as they passed by and a couple of mine had the dried mud on their feet but they probably weren’t down for long.

This cock is one of 6 brothers and they're off a sister of 577. He scored 6th Old Bird National ChristChurch 2010 when my loft took the first 3 places, all Houben/Jansen hybrids. I was going to send him to Timaru this year but I think the Old bird National is a better idea.

So congratulations to the Provisional winners they were Don and Tira Campbell whose bird won the West Section Futurity Yearling Race with the highest velocity recorded for the combined liberation of 1015 m/min. Theo van Lier had the second highest velocity at 1012. Ronnie  Reed with first in the West Section Flock Race and consistent Colin Webster of Rata lofts with his able assistant Cookie taking both legs in the East. Commiserations to those runner ups including my loft which gained 3rd and 4th Flock East and 4th Yearling. Grant Annette had enjoyed the afternoon until his 3 birds arrived and unfortunately they got a scare when he got behind them. He only needed about 20 seconds to win the Futurity Yearling in the East but at least he had won the Federation East Section Yearling from Raumati 2 weeks before and his birds ended up 2nd and 3rd Yearling Futurity East and 5th Flock. Speaking of ‘getting behind’ Don Campbell had an interesting secret to tell at the Provisional prize presentations about his very fit bird which was on eggs with another cock)). Hope to get a few photos of that for a near future blog.

This pretty Blue Barr Cock is a son of the mother of 577 to a different sire. He was 2nd Old Bird National ChristChurch 2010 and may be I'll send him to Timaru this year. I have had alot of success with brothers and sisters including the gun Blue hen in 2009 Young Birds which won 1st Open Futurity, 1st Eastern Union and 4th Jack Longville race. Footnote 4th February 2012- If you read the South Island Liberation article you will see that this cock won the Auckland Federation Timaru later in 2011. Flying time of 14 hour 6 minutes.

All and all it was a good night, I didn’t start the long drive home till 10.45pm cos got talking with Eric Billington and Laurie Hill for an hour or so after everyone left. Stayed up late trying to get my head around this blog site so I was pretty knackered today so did 5/8’s of you know what!!

Another one of the 6 brothers. This cock won the Raetihi Combine 8th of October with 'No toe'. Following week he was 4th Federation Flock Raumati being 4 minutes behind 'No toe' and BBH daughter of 577. He was my 5th pool bird last Saturday but obviously took it easy as he was there when I looked in the loft around 8am the next morning with another cock and they were both looking really fresh. He is another latebred from 2010 with an 08 ring on. I don't think he needs to go back to the South Island this year, he has proved himself and can now develop physically and have a break till 2012. He is a brother to the 'Pretty Cock' in the first post.

What was your recollections of the night and the long day waiting for our feathered friends??

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My pigeons and pigeon news   7 comments

This hen 'No toe' is a super racer for me.

Thought that I might start with a short intro and a few shots of premo birds. I am Fergus and kept and raced pigeons in Auckland, New Zealand as a boy in the 70’s and started up again in the Avondale Club in 1989. I have had alot of success and it has been an inspiration to me as I battle for many years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If you are from overseas please feel free to contact me through this site. New Zealand viewers are also very welcome.

I currently belong to the Pukekohe Pigeon Club in the greater Auckland area and we are part of the Auckland Racing Pigeon Federation.

I race all distances but prefer the races over 500km when the birds are tested more.

I mainly race hybridised pigeons which have evolved from Jansen and Houben base pigeons. I haven’t added any new blood to the stock loft since 1998 when I bought ‘Houbie’, his 2 sisters 134 and 1174 and a grandson 167, all at Greg Clarkes Clearance Sale, all of Houben origin. It took quite some years to really hit gold with them but have done so since the 2006 seasons particularly by mixing them with Houben/Jansen crosses. Further intensive linebreeding have forged a family of pigeons which I can now call my own. These pigeons require little if any training and just racing and loft flying. This year I am working hard at breeding disease resistance and biological hardiness into all my birds.

Gee I like my loft! says 'No toe.'

I am a Veterinarian by background and training but feel way too much medication is being used and peddled by different people’s around the world. As in other forms of livestock the real way of the future is selecting for genetically superior birds both for racing qualities and natural healthiness and vigour.

This season 2011 Old birds I have found super results by using no medicines apart from treating for worms prior to racing. Recently, but after 8 weeks of racing I medicated for wet canker 2 days and against respiratory complex for a few days. Probably the healthy birds didn’t need it but I have made a note of those which did and it is highly unlikely that I would ever breed off them, it isn’t the way forward. Some of my most highly linebred birds i.e. 90% (to the 6th generation) are the most disease resistant. It is along these lines of super birds that I will focus my breeding endeavours in the future i.e. high performance pigeons which don’t require dosing in general.

Have you figured out what toe has half missing yet?

‘No toe’ is a chunky hen born early 2010 and raced lightly that year and kicked arse this year in up to 6 hour flies at velocities of 1100’s m/min i.e. steady flies and one of them in an unfavourable side wind. She won first Combine Raumati, following week 2nd Combine Raetihi (came with my winner), then the icing on the cake 1st Federation Auckland Raumati. All these 3 races in the space of 3 weeks. A Super bird. Yesterday flew hard South Island Ward race in good time and a full sister was first to my loft with another closely related hen. I think that I will breed off her now)).

Perhaps to this 2009 Blue Chequer Cock ‘Pretty Boy’. My best cock 2010. The off spring will be 100% linebred to 6 generations. He’s a hybridised Houben/Jansen too.

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