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Peter Fyfield of Bordon, 2nd sect, 8th Open NFC Tarbes National 2013.   Leave a comment

Peter Fyfield of Bordon, 2nd sect, 8th Open NFC Tarbes National 2013.

Peter Fyfield of Bordon, 2nd sect, 8th Open NFC Tarbes National 2013.

This year, 2013 has been a land mark year for Peter when his Blue Cheque cock “71” scored 2nd section, 8th open National Flying club Tarbes Grand National 546 miles. On handling this fine cock two days after the race, you would not think he had been away and considering this was a difficult race, where many good pigeons failed, he is a credit to Peter’s preparation. This all started about three years ago when Peter decided to switch from sprint racing to distance racing. Peter is a member of the Godalming and Districts Flying club and at the annual prize presentation evening at that time, he was disappointed in that although he won most of the averages and a stack of diplomas, the greater accolades and trophies went to the distance fanciers, so he decided there and then to go after these. This would pit him up against some very good fanciers with top national and classic results to their credit. Accordingly, Peter was able to obtain some excellent blood lines from some of these local fanciers and in fact Peters “71” was from a pair of pigeons from the successful loft of Mick Tuck of Whitley. However, as we all know, it is one thing to have the right blood lines and another to be able to fly them successfully and in this respect, Peter has proved he can do it! Peter’s “71” was flown on the widowhood system but was put down with his hen and sitting 7 day eggs for the Tarbes event. Prior to this, his preparation included seven inland races and two shorter channel races, Messac 230 miles and Fougeres 192 miles with the South Coast FED and he had Exeter about 125 miles two weeks before Tarbes.

Peter's winning cock together with his mate.

Peter’s winning cock BCC ’71’ together with his BBH mate.

Peter races his pigeons from a tiny back yard in a typical housing estate, so there is no room for a big fancy loft. Everything has to be carefully planned and managed with such a small set up to get the best from the pigeons, something Peter does with great skill and dedication. The widowhood loft is 16 ft x 8 ft and contains 20 boxes split into two sections of 10. The other loft is 12 ft x 4 ft 6 ins and the widower hens are kept in widowhood hen boxes in one half and the 40 odd youngsters are housed in the other half with young bird perches stacked floor to ceiling. A few spare old hens are also kept in the young bird section and these are raced alongside the widowhood cocks. Peter’s birds are exercised twice daily and apart from two or three pre season tosses, no other road training is given. Young birds are given about eight to ten tosses prior to racing and once or twice a week out to about 25 miles during racing. Like most fanciers these days in Britain, he finds tossing young birds a risky business due to the number attacks from Peregrine falcons and they are often returning well split up and stressed, but those that survive have learned from the experience and can go on to race well later in life. For feeding, this year he has been feeding Verselaga mixes and is pleased with the results, the cocks get a standard widowhood mix. I asked Peter if he fed any peanuts for the longer distance events and he said his pigeons won’t eat them, but he does force feed a few down their throat anyway from a couple days prior to basketing. The lofts are cleaned out twice a day, every day including Christmas day, the old birds are treated with a 3 in 1 tablet for worms, cocci and canker just the once before pairing up and the young birds get the same treatment before racing starts.

There you have it, a top result from a top fancier who has shown what can be achieved from a small loft set up and with good pigeons!

Brian Batchelor

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