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Hey welcome back! Perhaps its been a while, perhaps you started again recently and caught my recent blogs. I love blogging, there are not enough hours in the day for it!

Competition here in Auckland, New Zealand is still fierce! We are a dwindling number, In the 40’s now, perhaps was 200 more than that 30 years ago. I run 7 Facebook pigeon groups to promote the sport and entertain mainly kiwi fanciers with a bit of b/s, banter and comradery. Many like it. Just opened a public one with the main aim to get more people interested in keeping any sorts of pigeons especially here in new Zealand, with the hope of some of those getting interested in racers and joining one of our Auckland Federations 6 clubs. We have a Fed that is about 120 km’s north to south and maybe 30 to 50km wide max, so we are not that spread out really. It’s really time for the whole lot of us to fly as one body rather than keeping the very small west section going.

That group is ‘pigeon racing is awesome nz’ easy to find by a Facebook search, all welcome!

Its interesting looking back at the stats of this small racing pigeon platform. Starting off being dominated by New Zealander’s from 2011 at its inception to being overtaken the last 3 years significantly by USA viewers. It’s partly because I haven’t blogged much since 2014 but its an interesting observation. The New Zealand viewing numbers has declined whilst the USA has remained about the same. As said it’s just a small platform and the most views was in 2014, just under 7000 with visitor numbers each year always up to half or less the number of total blog views. I guess I need to blog a bit more…..

I had intended to cut the length down to 500 words maximum for readability. I haven’t tended to structure my blogs really, just go with the flow and even the very long ones of 3000 words or so probably really only take an hour or two to knock out with unprofessional finger typing skills. But its the editing and so forth and the final polishing to my high standard which has meant it sometimes could have been closer to 8 hours incrementally. Which is a reason why I have tended to not blog!

I guess some more structure could well be an improvement. If you do wish to send anonymous feedback email me see below or if you happen to find this on social media, please comment freely…..we all have to remember that Trump is the new normal!…..whether we like it or not…..that could be a good topic to have a yarn about with the USA visitors…..

My email is ferguselley@gmail.com and phone is New Zealand 0224038481 and I do check voice mails. I really do have a heart for promoting this great sport of ours. Feedback is appreciated!

Hey good news, this one is exactly 500 words, now you can go and watch your favourite tv show!

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