Invercargill Race 2014.   7 comments

Mac and dimitri.

Mac and dimitri.

Last night we boxed pigeons at the Manukau Racing Pigeon Club in Auckland. We are looking forward to this prestigious race with much anticipation and there was a good muster of pigeons and fanciers from the Auckland Federation alike.

Everything went smoothly and my wife Helen and I were there just for an hour or so. Of course those of you which follow this blog will have read the articles on Mac Armstrong who has won this race six times, all in a row, an outstanding accomplishment! So he is going for seven in a row.

I have listed the names on the trophy below which have won this race since a trophy was put on it when the late Jack Longville was the Federation President and had won it. You will notice that some years there was no winner or no birds, same thing I think unless there was a year where the birds could not be liberated. Please comment if you know.

Speaking of liberation’s, it was a good decision this year to delay the Invercargill basketing a couple of days as normally we basket them on a Wednesday night and its great to see proactive decisions being made which benefit the pigeons by reducing the time in the basket.

Recently radionz presenter Lisa Thompson documented Mac Armstrong and his pigeons and you can view an article which is a synopsis basically of the show that was aired on the radio and Sky tv. Here is the link

The South Island of New Zealand's Southern Alps.

The South Island of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.


1995 J.Longville

1996 F. van Lier

1997 J.Edwards

1998 K.Frazer

1999 No winner

2000 J.Edwards

2001 No winner

2002 C.Wilkinson

2003 No winner

2004 Valleyview

2005 No Birds

2006 No Birds

2007 L.Nel

2008 to 2013 M.Armstrong

We are blessed that Bill Beattie has been the liberator down in Invercargill for the last half dozen or so years. He does a tremendous job looking after the Auckland pigeons until the right time when the good to go is given for the liberation.

Joe Edwards who won it twice passed away in the last year and Louie Nel not that long ago.

I had my daughter photograph my 13 entries and will post their photos after liberation, see if you can pick the one or hopefully ones which come home in race time. This racepoint is certainly a great leveler of both pigeon and fancier alike. Like no doubt everybody I’ve tried hard to get my pigeons right for this one and now it is up to the pigeons, the weather gods and lady luck.

I guess the question in everyone’s mind is ‘can Mac make it seven in a row?’ Or can some lucky person and bird get past his pigeons, time will tell.

Look forwards to your comments, best wishes etc.

Mt Cook, known in Maori as 'Aoraki'.

Mt Cook, known in Maori as ‘Aoraki’.



7 responses to “Invercargill Race 2014.

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  1. Best of luck all, will get my turn next year!!

  2. Good Luck Fergie

  3. Excellent information Fergie. Looking forward to seeing your 13.

    Clint Van Der Mescht
  4. Any chance that one of “my” babies is amongst those 13?

  5. Hi Fergus, You have made me a passionate follower of the Invercargill race, since you started reporting on Mac and his exploits, as well as your own. I went onto the Auckland fed website and found a liberation report, but no results. Is it too soon for them to be finalised?  Regards Russell ShortNSW Australia   From: ferguspigeonman To: Sent: Saturday, 29 November 2014, 6:05 Subject: [New post] Invercargill Race 2014. #yiv2206607066 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv2206607066 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv2206607066 a.yiv2206607066primaryactionlink:link, #yiv2206607066 a.yiv2206607066primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv2206607066 a.yiv2206607066primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv2206607066 a.yiv2206607066primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv2206607066 | ferguselley posted: “Last night we boxed pigeons at the Manukau Racing Pigeon Club in Auckland. We are looking forward to this prestigious race with much anticipation and there was a good muster of pigeons and fanciers from the Auckland Federation alike.Everything wen” | |

    • Hi Russell, sorry about the delays in posting your comment and of course you got an email from me after your post. We actually had the strike off a week after the Invers liberation to slot in with some very hard races which we had the last weekend of racing. You will have seen the result posted a couple of times and the plan is to have a few articles on the race in the near future.

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