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Chronic fatigu July 2014


I have longed to publish a blog for many months and indeed different people suggested that I do so as there was some interesting dialogue in the last 12 months of the ARPF calendar year.

Recently the ARPF held their AGM. I don’t have much information to give you as I am not in a healthy enough state to spend a day out in Auckland even if someone drove me in there. I can tell you though that the secretaries, treasurers and also the race secretaries’ positions weren’t filled. So those of you in the ARPF who either did not make the meeting or could do these jobs please make sure that you are at next week’s meeting.

I have requested the tapes of AGM’s and the in between meetings the last three years or so due to the state of my poor physical health and although I haven’t heard an answer to the request sent to the outgoing Secretary Fred van Lier prior to last weekend’s AGM, my requests have always previously been denied.

What do you think, should it be my human right as a man with a major health disability to have my human rights met in the form of tapes from meetings. It’s pretty easy to email such things nowadays; I can’t really see what the problem is. I suppose video conferencing would be another way to keep me and others in the loop that can’t make meetings for health reasons. Important stuff in my book and up there with pigeon welfare, which if you are new to this site you’ll find heaps of articles on this awesome topic and the current President endorses them.

I would say though that we need to give Fred a big thumbs up for his efforts to serve the Federation and keep the wheels turning over, not just as a past secretary but in other jobs for quite a few years now. People often don’t get the recognition they deserve, so Fred, high five bro!

Moving on to Fergus Elley aka ferguspigeonman affairs, if any of you wish to contact me my email addy is perhaps you have some photos and news that you want to share to the pigeon world or you might know me from the past. Someone did contact me earlier in the year about doing studies on Mac Armstrong’s Invercargill winning pigeons. As I have not spoken to Mac since the Summer I don’t know what became of that. DNA testing I believe was the subject, perhaps to isolate the homing genes.

Also for those of you who don’t know I am on Facebook the last year or so as Fergus James Elley. If I can pick that you are genuine or you can ring me for me to check you out then you can friend request me or simply follow me. Even those that are from whatever circle of friendship/acquaintance throughout my life I won’t bar you no matter how bad you might have treated me because of course, Jesus wouldn’t, at least not during this earthly pilgrimage!

I’m not on Facebook every day. For instance in young birds I didn’t use it for 2 months as I got burnt out. I try and place some interesting news feed items for those that follow me or are friends and the odd humorous post. Initially my profile was public but in general now it is only for friends or followers, despite this I usually get a pretty picture of a young woman with a message to contact off site about once every 2 weeks! I don’t think it’s because I have a tidy, younger profile photo for as the saying goes ‘I can smell the testosterone behind the photo sent’. Not saying they are perverts or weirdo’s just scumbag parasitic scammers! If you are a scammer reading this you are simply wasting your time with me and usually I report you immediately and contact those friends you have already managed to infiltrate before me!

There are many animal and bird interest groups on Facebook and of course I have ‘liked’ both the SPCA and Bird Rescue here in nz which both do a marvelous job. The Ferguspigeonman Racing Pigeon blog is also linked to Facebook and you can like it on Facebook and that will be appreciated. You can also subscribe to follow the blog to get post notifications. Hey and don’t be shy with the comments on the blog it’ll get me more in the mood for writing if you pigeon aficionados comment. Also there is a chat room called Pigeon racers Chat Room, Auckland, rest of NZ and further. It is a closed group but you can request to join. It may take me a while to add you if I decide to, as I am well aware of the retards that make a living out of infiltrating Facebook and trying to infiltrate peoples pc’s and so on.

I may start a racing pigeon open group and you will have to be the judge whether you join it or not. Please make sure your Facebook account has the right security features set if you do and keep the interaction on site. You can’t trust anyone nowadays and my daughters bought a new word home from school for undesirables and irritating people i.e. FUCKTARDS and it seems fitting for scammers on the internet!! Really annoys my wife when they use it on each other!

Also I am looking for keen people to report on pigeon racing both in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand but anywhere further afield would be good too. Those of you who are familiar with the blog will have read the many good articles by Brian Batchelor about U.K. pigeon news. I have a bunch of articles both in my head and drafts in pc files which I hope to start getting out in the next month or so.

Being a person with a difficult disability to understand i.e. I have a chronic form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which can make life interesting, especially people’s perception of mainly how ‘not that bad’ they perceive my health to be. So to state it afresh ‘ignorant comments are like a broken record to me’ and ‘I have about 10% of the PHYSICAL HEALTH of a man my age’. That means that if I was 100% healthy and could work as a Veterinarian or whatever that then maybe I would be on my feet 100 to 120 hours a week (maybe 80 hours of which was work and believe me I was a workaholic in my younger years). So for me, I can only be on my feet about 10 to 20% of the time a healthy male of my age can be, so you do the math!

This is not something that one can exercise their way out of either. I tried that when I was in my late twenties and it in time had the opposite effect. The fact that I can only be on my feet for so little time may surprise some of you here in Auckland. Dr Rosamund Vallings of Howick published another book last year on CFS and it is a very good one and available through libraries etc. Most people recover from acute chronic fatigue syndrome but my problem was it went undiagnosed from the age of 16 when I had a very bad bout of glandular fever. Being a high achiever from a family of high achievers didn’t help either and in addition being a workaholic.

I have been off the NSAID’s for 20 months now and of course my liver is much healthier as I was on them at high doses for over two decades and looking back I wish I hadn’t been! Seems to be what the doctors do with their patients for quite some years now for many chronic illnesses and what’s the saying, ‘doctors just treat the symptoms’. Many CFS patients are on opiates also, so they are basically drug addicts in a sense. I think doctors in part do it to reduce the number of sufferers who top themselves. It can be a lot harder without pain killers/anti inflammatories but the good days are better and one gains a sense of more control. Green tea helps a bit but it is probably more palliative but giving up tea, coffee and sugar at the same time as the NSAID’s was a very good move.

Back now to Facebook, you have to use it occasionally for me to keep you as a friend or be in a group. Some of you shouldn’t be so scared of putting it out there, you never know, you might enjoy the interaction!

Lately I have been thinking that it might be a good idea to ask through the blog if anyone is available to help on my lifestyle block with various things such as cleaning out the pigeons, fixing some leaks in the cow shed loft, it’s just too much for me nowadays. Payment could be in the form of birds or sheep meat and you could help process it maybe.

Apparently the Ozzie Bird Vet, Colin Walker has put out another book since ‘The Flying Vet’s Pigeon Health and Management’ was published in 2000, its called ‘The Pigeon-Its veterinary care, management and cultural history’. The new book is a massive 650 pages and is illustrated with over 1,250 magnificent full-colour images. I’m thinking of contacting him to see if he will gift me a copy in lieu of me reviewing it. Perhaps some of you have bought the book and might consider loaning it to me after you have read it as he may not ‘jump’ at the idea, preferring practicing pigeon vet reviews who are more sold into the flock treatments of racing pigeons for results rather than genetically improving the vitality of racing pigeons like a racing pigeon ‘farmer’ should aim for first and foremost!

I’ve also been thinking of starting a religious blog for some time now. Religion like politics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I believe that just as there is ‘a day of reckoning’ in most fancier’s pigeon lofts where the inferior birds are not kept any longer, that the same parallel happens for human beings. I might be jointly posting any I write this year on this blog to help kick off the new blog. So if that sort of thing isn’t your cup of tea just skip it, there’s no offense intended.

My brother in Australia Don has his own blog too. If you like Japanese full body tats (he has them and doesn’t mind showing them off!), interesting articles about wayward pastors e.g. the late Frank Houston, father of Brian Houston who founded Hillsong, Sydney, politics and anything that takes his fancy then check it out. There is a link to his blog in my index but you can catch him at

Don is a property developer having made his millions in Sydney with his own construction company and then sold up and bought both a farm in Bellingen and another big block he is developing for houses/life style blocks. He has suffered from CFS in the last six years, he’s four years my senior. It was likely brought on by chronic pneumonia and high stress. I’m of the opinion there is a genetic risk to it in our family and he is fortunate that he became financially secure before he had his bouts of CFS, no such luck for me, but at least we have a beautiful lifestyle block with panoramic views and pristine, mature, nz native bush.

If you want to come and see me for a chat, message me on Facebook or email me at
I don’t drive much so you will have to come and see me. If you are a pigeon flier and want to come and see the birds you are welcome but I’d appreciate some time helping with a few loft chores.

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  1. Ferg. I read this article with interest. Thank you for referencing my blog site. Donald

  2. My pleasure Don and from time to time people do bounce off my site to yours via the link.

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