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Brian Batchelor with Terry and Jane Williams from the Somerset 1 loft stand.

Hi All,
This year three of us travelled up to Blackpool from Surrey; Tony Dann, Mick Tuck and myself, it was a very wet and windy drive up with Tony at the wheel and Mick riding shotgun, myself in the back having a snooze as I had worked early in the morning before we left. A good deal of banter was had all the way up with the result Tony missed the turning for the M40 and the toll road by passing Birmingham so we arrived about an hour later than planned but still in plenty of time. Over the weekend we caught up with lots of old friends and made some new ones which for me is what makes the long trip worthwhile. As a scribe for the BHW I am invited into the Scribes room behind the BHW stand where as usual we were made most welcome by the hosts Helen and Netty with a steady supply of tea and biscuits. This is a nice  sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the show and a chance to sit down and have natter with the other scribes and visitors passing through.

Some of the crowds around some of the trade stands at the Blackpool 2012 show.

The crowds were heaving around many of the trade stands who were doing a roaring trade as usual, however we understand due to the recession in Europe quite a number of the previous suppliers had fallen by the wayside and various items normally on display were not obtainable. We managed to find the only supply of tobacco stalks that we use for nesting material and these were all sold out in seconds. Luckily we happened to arrive at that stand just when the trader opened up his pack of them. Nest felts were also hard to find but we did eventually manage to find what we wanted.  My list of purchases included PMV Vaccine, Loft Book 2012, scraper, some DeWeerds medical supplies, Unicon chip rings, telephone ID rings, Pick pots from Natural, Versa Laga special feed supplement and so on. The main loft builders had demonstration lofts on display and I took a liking to a new design from Echo Lofts that had all the features I would like to have in a loft so I came home with their brochure to ponder on for the future. We also had a good look at some of the feed suppliers stands, our club have recently changed to a new corn merchant “Countywide” who have a nice selection of corns for every season and type of racing be it sprint or long distance and everything in between, while at their stand we put the hard word on them to supply a prize bag of corn for our Futurity race which they agreed to.

Mick and Brian overlooking the main show hall where you can see the show cages in the background.

There were of course thousands of pigeons for sale and the major studs were present, Louella, Ponderosa, Axleholm and a few others, there were also several auctions that took place in various venues around the city. We attended the auction sale of pigeons from Ed Sittner who we understand is retiring back to the States after putting up some excellent performances from his loft in Belgium. The base strain of these being Kees Boshua, the pigeons were all of a similar type and looked the part for middle distance, however being a long distance man these did not interest me. What took my eye were on the Axleholm stand where they display some of their stock birds along with some birds that were for sale. They had a magnificent pair of Supercracks on display and the hen is the dam of one I purchased from them 2 years ago. Louella had some lovely Jan Ardens for sale that I would have liked if I had the space to house them and the funds to buy them, one Dark Ch Pied hen in particular stood out for sale at 1500.00 GB Pds.  The show pigeons as always looked amazing and I can’t imagine how the judges manage to sort out the winners as they all looked immaculate to me. All too soon it was all over and we were winding our way back to Surrey.

Tony centre, Mick right relaxing at our Hotel.

On the home front although we are still very much in winter, the days are gradually starting to lengthen out and by and large it has been a mild winter with only a few heavy frosts, last week we had one of these when it was minus 8 deg celsius. After Blackpool many fanciers will begin to pair up for the coming season and I am no exception, I only have a small 6ft x 4ft breeding loft with 4 nests and all going well I will pair up my 4 breeding pairs this weekend. As mentioned in my previous article I have to be careful not to over crowd my equally small 12ft x 8ft race loft so with some reluctance I sold my original pair of Eric Cannon stock birds that are now 8 years old and will be moving some of their offspring into the breeding loft. These have all flown well for me out to at least Tarbes 560 miles and it is time they had their chance in the stock loft. The first round will be going to the Somerset 1 loft race and I will keep the 2nd round plus a few late breds. I haven’t decided whether to let the race team sit a round of pot eggs before racing starts but still have plenty of time to do so if necessary.

Brian Batchelor
Elstead UK

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  1. I certainly learn many new things through your blog. I used to have no clue about how many pigeon racers there actually are all around the world!

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