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Keith Mott.

KEITH MOTT (CONVOYING). Special thanks to Keith Mott and our U.K. expatriot NZ friend Brian Batchelor for forwarding this.

At the end of the 2008 season Keith retired after eight good years as chief convoyer of the London & South East Classic Club, which took him to all the major race points in France, including twice Tarbes (560 miles) and six times to Pau (550 miles). He says he loved convoying and could write a book about his experiences while driving the pigeon transporter on the continent, but maintains he would never go to Guernsey for a holiday as he took the Classic young birds there 15 times and has had enough of the place. He has been writing in the fancy press since 1972 and enjoys doing his regular pages every week in the pigeon fancy press. Keith has appeared eight times on the television with the pigeons, the first time in 1984 and has made over ten appearances on the radio. His favourite appearances on the TV were two of his most recent, BBC ‘Inside Out’ in 2007 and Channel 5 ‘Extraordinary Animals’ which was screened in June 2008 and then repeated in February 2009. Keith has made many films on pigeon racing and showing, which have been used by all the major television companies and he tells me he thinks he might have the biggest archive of pigeon articles, photos and films in the pigeon world.

The Transporter.

Keith loved convoying the pigeons through France to places like Bordeaux and Tarbes, but says it is very hard work, and it is a young man’s game! He retired from convoying at the end of the 2008 season, as he thought at 58 years of age he was getting too old for the pressure and sleeping rough in lorries. He had no intention of ever doing ‘big time’ convoying again, but the Central Southern Classic Flying Club chief convoyer’s job was offered to him at the end of 2009, which involved no driving and the prospect of the luxury of the use of one of the premier transporters in the country. Keith had convoyed South and North Road inland, but the main enjoyment for him was convoying the pigeons to France and it gave him a great buzz to produce good Classic racing from over the English Channel. He says. ‘It must be the ‘gipsy’ in me that made me accept the CSCFC job in the 2010 season, which gave me the opportunity to visit some new liberation sites in France, including, Messac, Carentan and Bergerac. I must say that in my time as a convoyer, I’ve never seen a perfect pigeon transporter or been to a perfect liberation site. We don’t live in a perfect world and we can always find something to criticize! I personally like the old fashioned baskets, the like of which we used in the L&SECC for many years and were used by Catterells Pigeon Transport of Blackpool who served our sport so well for many years, before packing up about six years ago. When you are in France with the pigeons it’s nice to know you have a good team behind you at the home end and was lucky enough to have my good friend Steve Appleby doing my weather for me! I think convoying racing pigeons, whether it is for a big Classic or small club race is the most responsible and demanding job in the sport! The only advice I can give to any youngsters who have dreams of becoming a racing pigeon convoyer, is when you are away with the pigeons in France be your own man, with your utmost priority being the bird’s welfare and producing the best race possible, with the situation you are presented with that weekend. When you are at the long distance you have to read the situation over the couple of days in front of you and if it is a head wind, or indeed any wind direction and there is any dodgy weather on route you don’t liberate. Do not be influenced by outside voices or follow club rules if you think it will be detrimental to the welfare of the pigeons in your charge. Your paramount priority when convoying is the welfare of the birds!’


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