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Barn Owls, East Town Lane, PILTON, Somerset BA4 4NX

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                                   PROBABLY THE BEST ONE LOFT RACE TO BE IN

Hi every one,

Hope all is well down under, I would like to put a little bit of info from here in England just to keep you all up dated as to what is happening etc , first off we are starting to get ready to pair up for the 2012 youngsters, some have paired already and we hear  of one lot got eggs last week , so they are hoping the 2012 rings arrive before the end of December, as last year was the first year the rings were out before the new year so they are hoping they arrive early this year, at the moment it is blowing a gale and freezing winds with it so the lofts have to have the right conditions for the birds to even feel like having a go, I mean how would we like it if the old bits were not up to it because of the cold !! the same for the birds!, I know how hard it is for you in NZ and Aus to get the up to date bits and pieces and the best type of birds, but believe you me you are better off without some of them, it appears the Young bird sickness is now getting hold again, and in our Lofts for the One Loft race we have to keep a real sharp eye open just as you should all do, most of us know and when it raises its ugly head, and as for club racing it arrives once the young bird racing starts, the naughty problem is most do jab for P.M.V but there is some that don`t , is it the ones that don`t jab that cause the problem or not ! who can say yes or no, but I really do think that the jabbing should be carried out by some one who has been taught to inject properly, I have seen people set up to jab the birds and have been in all sorts of problems, first off they do not clean the birds area of injection ( some jab in leg muscle) the area should be well cleaned with surgical spirit this also gives you a clear area ie neck with lots of flesh to see then pinch a bit of skin and put your needle in about ¼ of inch or 5mm, once you have jabbed clean the area again with the surgical spirit, then the bird will get no cross contamination, the needle should be changed after 15/20 birds have been jabbed, that is why they send you plenty of needles, we found that some people have blood squirting out all over the place and miss the spot and some birds even have 3 / 4 jabs because they miss, now if you had some one who really knows and cares how it is done it will take no longer to take the birds down the club or where ever on a certain day and have a mass jabbing session, then we all have been done if they don`t turn up then no racing when you keep live stock you have to work at it , no rule for one and a rule for another, we have to do so do it properly, and then look at your birds with interest afterwards for a bout a month to check they are OK. In our Lofts we have a mixture turn up from all the UK and Europe and we have to be right on top of the birds to help them , we have noticed that problems start about 2/4 weeks after the jabbing this is a pain as there is not a lot to do except give them plenty of vitamins and what ever recovery mix you put in the water make sure you give them it often they really need you to nurse them with the best you think is best, but I must say you can give the birds the best and most expensive mixes drinks etc and nothing will do the trick, this tests the birds immune system , if we do not dope them up too much they can pull through, I do believe we use too many concoctions today and it does the bird no good at all, once the weaning side is going well the birds are on a protein food to help them and they can eat as much as they want at this age as they need the food to grow , you should give them vitamins etc that you use most are all the same, we use a lot of Cider vinegar in the water 2/4 times a week , and also Orego Stim ,this is a natural water based item and is a gut and health product that works some use every day , but 1 /2 times a week is good as you then have time for just clean water ! A lot of problems with young birds is the stress side of it, most birds are fine but one or two are weaker and we all think they are all ill, most birds will pull through a illness if looked after well , we all can give them antibiotics but that should be the real last thing to do, not the first, if a bird is really sick nothing will save it and if it does scrape in it will not race for you properly, most of us have our way of thinking and dealing with our own birds, but sick ones we only guess at as we are not vets, but listening to different ways helps draw right from wrong and we all make our own verdict right or wrong that is what we do, one time I had 3 sick birds I contacted the vets , and was told to send them some dropping samples  and a mouth swab, which we did, a day later the 3 birds died , the report came the following day and they told me there was no sign of a problem from the tests, I rang them to say there must be as they have died !! we have to control what we know about are own birds the best way forward is observe the birds and act before the nasty bits get a hold, As we run a One Loft we have to handle lots of different Pigeons from different countries etc and the make up of the birds is all so different , small big, medium sized birds but most of all they all have the same thing a brain and heart and it is the one with the best ones that will survive till the end and good racers are trying to prove the birds they keep are the best, that is why you buy a certain type of bird, it suits you, and you will try and make that bird in to a champion, now if you swap and change around a lot, then the top is a long way off, as pigeon fanciers you should suss your birds racing skills from the start as it is you that is bringing the birds up in your loft, if you buy a bird for a small fortune most expect its off spring to win from the start, some do! But they will only perform if you treat them right from the start, and you have a system that they like, a system is a big part of good racing the same thing day in day out, the birds get used to it and prefer it,  take widowhood a simple system but some make it so hard, basic widowhood, for cocks or hens, but the biggest thing we all do wrong is keep going in to the lofts to see if they are OK , widowhood cocks should be seen once a day 2 times max, they should be fed  and watered in there boxes and left alone to sort them selves in to condition with the oblivious motivation needed by you at the right time, that is the management side,  once the birds are in the groove as to speak it is you that gets them to race home a simple system made far too hard by many ! You have to make the brain and heart work to the full, then you may reach the top with the best birds.

We are now preparing for 2012 intake which will begin the Fist week in Feb and finish end of April, we don`t know how many birds we will get but at the moment we have over 300 booked in for this time of year that is good as most wait till after the New year or just turn up with birds, they may get a sudden gush of money or may just decide to have a go, but for 2012 we really want to put on a show with lots of birds and a huge payout to match , we want to pay £50,000 to the winner but we need 1400 birds to make that happen and with the world in a bit of a mess money wise that is going to be hard to get but we are still hopeful ! If you want a full look at what we do please look at our website We race the birds on the Route East to West a tough road for the birds as we have mainly West winds but this is the challenge we want and it seems people who want a  challenge like about it , “The Challenge” we also have the nasty North sea to cross as well as the Final race is from Belgium this year 270 miles for the birds, for the last 2 years we went to Brussels 310 miles ,a real toughie to think about let alone race, hands up we had 2 years of stinkers from there it seemed just to much for the birds with the weather changing and gusting at that time of year it’s tough picking the right day let alone predict the weather ! so this year we have returned to our first race point near Ypres in Belgium and we hope a good move , the birds are trained to get there and we hope to get back as well, we are hoping for a large entry this year as we are running along side the Olympics which we hope will go well , we have a Hot Spot to Open the Games and our Final race will close the games at the end of the Paralympics . Also we have our own Junior League where the juniors have there own prize fund and they win prizes in the Hot Spots with the last Hot Spot there Final , the birds can then be activated for the big final, a real good bit of fun , also this year we are helping the BLIND DEAF charity as all charities have their own heart stopping moments, but this is a cause that I feel I could not or want to be in a position to handle myself brave clever children/ people surviving and enjoying what they know a pleasure to try and help, for this we are hoping to get 2012 rings (bands) sent over from different countries and we will put the rings on our stud birds and  the birds that are in for the Final will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the charity, we have also asked the top studs in the UK to supply some birds as well so it could end up with a good turn out. I hope this little write up helps Fergus new bit get under way as it is a huge task he is trying and he can only get it right if we join him, thank you all for your time and I hope we can help to motivate the people to keep racing pigeons as it is a terrific sport, and remember “ Keep it simple”


Terry & Jane                                                                                 

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  1. Hi All,

    This is a fair report from Terry & Jane, I have entered their one loft race in the past along with a couple of other one loft races, the first time I entered 2 pigeons and won one of the hot spot races recovering my entry fee. The 2nd time I finished 46th in the final, a tough race, but just out of the money, nevertheless a pleasing result and giving me a good indication of how my pigeons performed in this type of open competition where all the birds have exactly the same chance. Terry & Jane have a very good set up and do the best for the pigeons in what is I believe is the toughest YB one loft race in UK. I have again entered the 2012 race with 4 pigeons entered and 4 reserves, this is the only One Loft race I now support. Their comments on YB Bird sickness are very relevant it is rife in UK and most of us get it each year, I had to stop racing my YBs this year for 2 weeks while they were treated and recovered from this disease, you are lucky it has not arrived in NZ and hopefully it never does similarly paramyxovirus is a major problem here with compulsory vaccination and it has now arrived in Aussie, I do hope you never see it in NZ. It would be nice if a group of you could get together to form a Kiwi syndicate to enter the race, you would have just as much chance of a prize as anyone else, the stub birds Terry & Jane provide in their swap shop for Overseas entrants are top quality and some always end up amongst the prizes.You can follow the birds progress week by week through the training and hot spot races on their web site.

    Brian Batchelor

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