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1).  This is a very useful weather site for New Zealand and it’s free and up to the minute wind, rain and temperature for many NZ towns, cities with 3 hour rainfall/wind predictions for next 3 days and 7 day rainfall/wind predictions at 6 hour intervals. Rural selection is more comprehensive than towns and cities. Rain radar option also very useful but please note that the weather may in some cases be better than on the ground and other cases worse, never the less very useful for looking after the racing pigeons welfare which must always be paramount in this modern age. Severe weather warnings and marine forecasts also very useful especially for those Cook Strait crossings.

2). Useful for current weather and forecasts. Just select forecast charts 1 to 7 day thumbnails.Tends to be not as up to date as the site but I find useful for seeing the size and intensity of expected cold fronts. Of course with weather predictions the cold fronts may come through slower or quicker, fizzle out before hitting land or intensify and combine with other cold fronts. The longer you study these weather predictions and recognise what weather actually later eventuates the more experienced one gets, but like the forecasters the hit rate is never 100%.

3). This is the official site of the Auckland Racing Pigeon Federation (ARPF) of the 7 Auckland Clubs . If your club uses the Auckland Transporter(s) then your liberation of race or training pigeons should appear on this site shortly after liberation. Occasionally there are liberation delays and these also are often posted on the site by Jim Cater our current Liberation Coordinator. He’s also the Publicity Secretary for the Federation. There are contact options through the site which he currently handles. There are also rss feeds available which you can subscribe to for site updates. The site is currently being revamped by Jim. Clubs are also planning on posting their news on the site also. If you are a member of the public and you find a stray pigeon with a life ring on then you can contact the owner through the site. We can also help trace birds from other parts of New Zealand. The main thing with a lost pigeon if you are a non pigeon person is to protect it from predators i.e. in a cage. Keep it warm, provide clean water and provide some form of sustenance. Split pea soup mix is good. Maize, wheat, barley, chicken pellets, cage bird seed and even peanuts (raw) are also good in most cases. Some pigeons are used to bread, but in general pigeon fanciers don’t feed it as most pigeons fly continually until they reach their loft (house). However, please note if you are a member of the public our members sincerely appreciate all birds that are reported and we all will make the best efforts to get the pigeons back to Auckland or to a pigeon fancier near you that doesn’t mind feeding an extra one for a little while)).

4). Fabulous organisation and bunch of dedicated bird lovers.Excellent site. I remember Pam Howlett well. Such dedication, words cannot do her justice.

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