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Fergus Elley to Terry
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Dear Terry, Brian had just this morning written to me about your one loft race. Anything to promote the sport is always good and you have a great 1st prize. Wonderful that it is the same year as the London Olympics. I have recently started a blog site and will add a section just for your race so please keep us posted. I will also send out an email to my pigeon contacts here in New Zealand in the next few days.

The site address is

You are welcome to send pictures e.t.c. as it would be good for my site and viewers can find the link to your site in the email below which I will place on the site now with this reply.

Cheers, Fergie.

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On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 9:56 AM, Terry Williams <> wrote:

Hello Mr Elley,
My Name is Terry Williams and I run The Somerset One Loft Race in England , i have been in contact with Bruce Cossons with regards our race for the Olympics in London 2012, we have not been able to get hold of Bruce , so we got in touch with Brian Batchelor who is entering our race next year, If I briefly let you know to what we would like to happen , For the Olympics we are holding a special race year to run along side the Olympics, and we are hoping many countries will enter, we are hoping to have a £50,000  ($1000,000 nz dollar)  1st prize for the winner, but we need the entries to be able to give it, we have Hot Spot races to enjoy and the training is in between the racing , it is a tough race and the birds are trained to the best standard to get to the Final race, as the import of birds from out side the EU is really out of the question due to Defra rules, we would like to offer your side of the world a chance to enter,   We would breed the birds here in England from the stud that supplies our Swap Shop birds ( Reserves) these birds are top draw pigeons and have done well in our racing over the years, to be fair to all , you will only pay for the birds if they get to the Final race, you can watch and follow the races through the year on our web site, for a bird in the Final you would have to pay for the bird (to the stud) and the activation fee the the full cost £285.00  approx ( $570 nz ), you are then in the race to win the hopefully $100,000 nzds prize, We would hope you will be interested in some sort of Syndicate of your Federation members , the more that enter the better the chance , of course single entries can win the lot !!!! . if you could please discuss this at your next meeting , i understand you do not get NZ rings till August 2012 , we can put on UK rings on the birds !!!?  We have spoken to Brian and he knows us quite well and he gave us your address to contact you , Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon , Our web site is 
Terry & Jane Williams
p/s We lived in Whangarei  for 3 years ,        

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