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This hen 'No toe' is a super racer for me.

Thought that I might start with a short intro and a few shots of premo birds. I am Fergus and kept and raced pigeons in Auckland, New Zealand as a boy in the 70’s and started up again in the Avondale Club in 1989. I have had alot of success and it has been an inspiration to me as I battle for many years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If you are from overseas please feel free to contact me through this site. New Zealand viewers are also very welcome.

I currently belong to the Pukekohe Pigeon Club in the greater Auckland area and we are part of the Auckland Racing Pigeon Federation.

I race all distances but prefer the races over 500km when the birds are tested more.

I mainly race hybridised pigeons which have evolved from Jansen and Houben base pigeons. I haven’t added any new blood to the stock loft since 1998 when I bought ‘Houbie’, his 2 sisters 134 and 1174 and a grandson 167, all at Greg Clarkes Clearance Sale, all of Houben origin. It took quite some years to really hit gold with them but have done so since the 2006 seasons particularly by mixing them with Houben/Jansen crosses. Further intensive linebreeding have forged a family of pigeons which I can now call my own. These pigeons require little if any training and just racing and loft flying. This year I am working hard at breeding disease resistance and biological hardiness into all my birds.

Gee I like my loft! says 'No toe.'

I am a Veterinarian by background and training but feel way too much medication is being used and peddled by different people’s around the world. As in other forms of livestock the real way of the future is selecting for genetically superior birds both for racing qualities and natural healthiness and vigour.

This season 2011 Old birds I have found super results by using no medicines apart from treating for worms prior to racing. Recently, but after 8 weeks of racing I medicated for wet canker 2 days and against respiratory complex for a few days. Probably the healthy birds didn’t need it but I have made a note of those which did and it is highly unlikely that I would ever breed off them, it isn’t the way forward. Some of my most highly linebred birds i.e. 90% (to the 6th generation) are the most disease resistant. It is along these lines of super birds that I will focus my breeding endeavours in the future i.e. high performance pigeons which don’t require dosing in general.

Have you figured out what toe has half missing yet?

‘No toe’ is a chunky hen born early 2010 and raced lightly that year and kicked arse this year in up to 6 hour flies at velocities of 1100’s m/min i.e. steady flies and one of them in an unfavourable side wind. She won first Combine Raumati, following week 2nd Combine Raetihi (came with my winner), then the icing on the cake 1st Federation Auckland Raumati. All these 3 races in the space of 3 weeks. A Super bird. Yesterday flew hard South Island Ward race in good time and a full sister was first to my loft with another closely related hen. I think that I will breed off her now)).

Perhaps to this 2009 Blue Chequer Cock ‘Pretty Boy’. My best cock 2010. The off spring will be 100% linebred to 6 generations. He’s a hybridised Houben/Jansen too.

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  1. Hi Fergie. I read your blog with great interest. As a non-pigeon dude, I followed most of what you are saying. The pigeon affeciandos will get a lot more out of your words of wisdom…Donald

  2. Thanx Don, how’s the back settling down with all the new tats from your last japanese adventure? Yes us pigeon dudes do get off a bit on our birds and discussing the sport and it’s running and indeed the future of it as in the modern age it’s slowly retracting in most parts of the world.


  3. Hi Fergus,
    A good read, you must have found the ” trigger ” for your hen, much the same as the futurity / combine winner a couple of years back, Keep the info coming.

    • Thanx Dave, those birds go good just to perch. I think the fact that she had light road work using the Auckland Federation Truck in 2010 as far as Bulls meant she had time to develop. Now I will stock her as she’s proven she can fly a tough race across the water from Ward (527km to me in Onewhero) and score 22nd on the Provisional result of 231 birds. I clocked ‘No toe’s’ sister and another Houben/Jansen hybrid and they scored 3rd and 4th East Section Auckland with Mr consistant Rata lofts 1st and 2nd. My 2 were small birds and prove that good fit pigeons don’t need tossing especially when they are light framed/build and not ‘turkeys’.

      I will pair up for the 3 long distance events viz Timaru, ChristChurch National and Invercargill. I may cover myself with some light tossing as part of the build up for those events. Look forwards to seeing you later on next month).

      Yes I will keep blogging and have rung D & T already and asked them to take some shots of their winner and his boyfriend)).

  4. Hi All

    Great reading about the races and comments form some of you that I remember when I raced with the Nth Harbour Club alongside my dear friends Jim and Lou Howarth Tom Mcnichol Alister Cooper and many more.
    Pigeon racing is in my blood and I keep saying to myself one day I will do it again!
    Its great to read names I recall from my time in racing Fergus, Kerry Keith Holder and of course Don Campbell whom I think joined Nth Harbour after I finished racing.
    Enjoyed looking at the race programs which brought back very fond memories
    Ill continue to follow the news!
    Iwould like to watch a fancier clocking the birds at some time if anyone would mind.

    Regards to all

    Murray Price

    • Hi Murray, your name comes up from time to time as someone who kicked arse as a back marker!! In fact, without revisiting the old results I have, I can uncategorically say that your pigeons kicked arse big time which shows you don’t have to be south of Manurewa to have outstanding Federation race results like you did. From memory you won a lot of big races!

      Re watching someone clock. I’m sure most will be more than obliging. Where do you live and I will email you some nearby fliers. Futurities on the 28th of this month so might be a good one to start on.

      Alister Cooper will be at Don Campbell’s so that might be a possibility for you, that’s in the Riverhead area.

      Nice to receive your comment.


  5. Hi Fergus

    Thank you for your flattering comments.
    I have spoken to Don and Kiera and communicated via email with Alister Cooper.
    I couldnt make Dons at Futurity time but will definately make it to his place if it suits on rece day soon.
    Just been reading Joe Rotondo on racing pigeons – one of the best books to assist in improving everyones results

    Talk soon


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